There is no way for federal taxes to put our nation on the path to economic to growth.

Our tax system is burdensome, complex, and administered by an out-of-control IRS. Big businesses and the well-connected employ high-priced lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists to game the system, while everyday Americans and small businesses are left footing the bill. Meanwhile, we live in an increasingly competitive global environment, where our competitors are gaining an ever-increasing market share.

We need fundamental tax reform that lowers rates, simplifies the system, and eliminates special interest breaks and loopholes.

After the great recession, the economic growth was pathetic and low, which was due in large part to the policies in place that discouraged work. Under the Trump Administration however, the U.S. changed policy course and saw unprecedented growth until the COVID 19 pandemic stalled the U.S. economy and erased many of the incredible gains.

Now, instead of freeing businesses and individuals of tax burdens that are a drag on growth, Democrats have spent record-breaking sums in the hope they can use Americans’ tax dollars to “prime the pump” of economic growth. To pay for these foolish spending proposals, Democrats will move to increase taxes, further hobbling the post-COVID economic recovery.

Our tax code should be a competitive advantage to business based in the United States. The American economy is being held back by our antiquated tax code. I will oppose any and all tax increases that will penalize hard-working Americans by taking even more money out of their paychecks.

Rep. Davidson's Legislation

H.R. 6100 - Protect Family Farms and Businesses Act

Other Legislative Actions

Voted for H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act