America’s healthcare system was broken before Obamacare, and over the past decade, things have not gotten better. Beyond getting rid of “the individual mandate,” which taxed Americans for the “crime” of failing to buy health insurance, Congress has not been able to repeal or meaningfully reform the law.

Make no mistake, the quality and accessibility of health care available in America remains the envy of the world, but this is the case in spite of our bureaucratic and opaque system with convoluted and prohibitively expensive healthcare insurance. When Ohioans go to their doctor or hospital, they often won’t know what they are paying—and even more maddening, friends and neighbors will find that they are paying different prices for the same health care service.

We need to move in the direction of a patient-focused healthcare system that is responsive to the market. For example, Americans should be able to purchase insurance across state lines and be able to compare prices for non-emergency, elective medical procedures.

Rep. Davidson's Healthcare Legislation

H.R.3029 Health Care PRICE Transparency Act

Cosponsored Legislation

H.R. 1418 Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2020

Other Legislative Actions

Voted for H.R.1628 American Health Care Act of 2017

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