Our healthcare system is broken and Obamacare has only made it worse. We were promised lower costs, increased access, and the ability to keep our doctor. None of these proved true. Instead, we received the opposite, along with increased taxes. I have opposed this massive takeover of our healthcare since day one. 
Ohio and our district have been hit especially hard by the bad effects of Obamacare. Our state exchanges no longer offer preferred provider organization (PPO) plans due to prohibitive costs. Nationally, private insurance providers are fleeing the marketplace because they cannot afford to comply with regulations and keep prices down.
For our healthcare crisis, we have to first stop the bleeding. We must repeal Obamacare. 
Next, we must replace it with a patient-focused healthcare system. We must do this in a responsible and open process. We cannot afford to pass thousand page bills with the mentality that “we have to pass it to find out what is in it.”
Republicans have proposed three replacements so far. You can read more about them at these links:
Creating a patient-focused healthcare system can be done by allowing the free-market to compete. Americans should be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines. Businesses should be permitted to pool together to increase their bargaining power on behalf of their employees. Innovation should be encouraged so that the United States remains the world’s leader in medical breakthroughs. Reforms like these will make insurers and providers compete with one another to provide Americans with the highest quality services at the lowest possible prices.
Perhaps most of all, we must protect the weakest among us, the unborn. No healthcare plan worthy of the name kills unborn babies. No federal funds should go to any medical procedure that intentionally ends the life of a person.

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