For Ohioans

National Debt & Government Spending

Out of control government spending is a bipartisan problem. But it’s not compassionate to bankrupt America. We must embrace solutions to cut spending and fix the budget process.

Protecting the Constitution

Our Constitution makes the United States unique among nations. As a foundational document, the Constitution gives structure to the promises made in the Declaration of Independence and makes the United States exceptional.

National Security

One of Congress’s primary responsibilities is securing the homeland. That includes securing the U.S. border, properly resourcing our military, and rethinking foreign policy that leads to global conflict.

Veteran’s Issues

Veterans volunteer to give everything to this great nation. The least we can do is make sure these heroes get the care and help they need upon returning to civilian life.

Protecting Life

The science is clear: life begins at conception. As such, it is incumbent on Americans to defend the unborn and end the scourge of abortion.