From my seat on the House Financial Services Committee, I seek to ensure that more Americans have access to a healthy U.S. financial system, including access to credit and fully functioning markets. Investors from all over the world flock to the U.S. to invest and trade. My goals include ensuring that we have minimal government interference in the economy, individual’s privacy is respected, and we have a stable, sound monetary system that protects the value of Ohioans and Americans hard-earned dollars over time. This is all vital so that Americans can reap the benefits of our free market system.

Our financial system is a truly complex ecosystem of regulators, investors, entrepreneurs, borrowers, and lenders. We must be mindful about how any single change in the financial system affects other market participants. Many well-intentioned regulations can simply become barriers to entry and discourage healthy growth. In many cases, outdated or incomplete regulations can leave innovative entrepreneurs in grey areas that cause businesses to flee the U.S. market or abandon projects that could revolutionize entire industries. We need clear regulations while avoiding the temptation to overregulate the market.

Rep. Davidson's Legislation

H.R. 1628 - Token Taxonomy Act

H.R. 1996 - SAFE Banking Act

H.R. 1259 - Due Process Restoration Act