Ohio’s 8th District is home to industrious farmers. Yet between environmental concerns, workforce shortages, and specific financial needs, our nation’s farmers can feel more hampered by the government than supported by it. Even though farmers do a lot to address environmental concerns and adopt conservation and mitigation strategies, regulations from Washington disproportionately affect farmers.

Similarly, farmers are often forgotten when politicians and bureaucrats seek to change the tax code, which can be disastrous for small, family-owned farms.

However, farming is much like any other business—farmers need more freedom to maximize their crops and a healthy supply chain to ensure they can keep feeding the nation.

Rep. Davidson's Legislation

H.R. 2618 - Global Trade Accountability Act of 2021

Other Legislative Actions

Voted for H.R. 2 - Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

Led a letter seeking diaster relief for Ohio's Farmers.