WASHINGTON, D.C.—Early this morning, the House of Representatives passed the 6th coronavirus relief package since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The bill spends $1.9 trillion over ten years and passed on a party-line vote.

Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) joined House Republicans in opposing the bill, which relies on debt to finance a decade’s worth of progressive policies.

“This bill lacks focus on the problem at hand: COVID 19. Most other objections flow from that basic fact, though many of the policies would be bad in any context. Only 9% of the bill addresses the virus—and much of the spending won’t even occur until after the pandemic has concluded. The rest only serves President Biden’s need to appease Speaker Pelosi’s progressive allies, favoring liberal strongholds in urban centers at the expense of rural America.
“But my primary objection comes from the total amount of misguided spending. Passing this bad bill will dilute the value of the dollars Americans earn and save while growing the wealth gap. The American people don’t need to bear the burden of devalued savings and reduced buying power by leaders who actively destroy the value of the dollar.”