WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today the House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the National Defense budget on a partisan vote (295-125).
Former Army Ranger Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) voted against the bill, which among other things continues unsustainable levels of federal funding for military activity in Afghanistan with no change in strategy or plan to withdraw troops.
House Democrats also loaded the usually bipartisan NDAA with poison pills and unrelated wish-list items, including requirements for small businesses to disclose the personal information of their owners. This effectively does away with private businesses, compromises Americans’ privacy in the name of fighting terror, and imposes more regulatory burdens on small businesses already battered by pandemic-related business closures.
The bill also contains provisions that would prevent the President from reducing troop numbers in Europe or utilizing the National Guard within the District of Columbia, unduly disarms soldiers accused of wrongdoing, and handcuffs border security.

“I am disgusted that House Democrats would use the national defense budget to force their partisan agenda down Americans’ throats. Funding our military is one of Congress’s major responsibilities and instead of focusing on restoring sanity to our defense budget or ending endless wars, Democrats are using this as an opportunity to advance their extreme agenda.”