WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today Rep. Davidson (R-OH) and House Republicans voted against House Democrats’ partisan HEROES Act.

The vote on Democrats’ revised $2.2 trillion relief package comes after another series of fruitless negotiations between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Instead of coming to a reasonable compromise, Democrats insisted and voted on their partisan wish-list, which has no chance of becoming law and only narrowly passed in the House.

After walking off the House Floor, Davidson made the following statement:

“This partisan COVID bill is an insult to my constituents in southwest Ohio. It relies on printing money, which devalues the hard-work and savings of Eighth District residents, and it misapplies this printed money toward policies like the $15 per hour federal unemployment expansion, which pays people more not to work. While some federal assistance is merited in this economy, no one should make more for not working than for working.

“Meanwhile, the bill does nothing to address liability concerns for businesses and organizations—something the economy needs in order to reopen with confidence. We need to focus on safely restarting the economy—not prolonging uncertainty by paying people to stay home and preventing business owners from reopening. Printed money is a poor substitute for America’s strong economy.”