Washington D.C. - Today, Congressman Warren Davidson released the following statement after voting against the House Democrat’s Border Supplemental Appropriations Act.

“I cannot support a bill that provides inadequate funding for humanitarian aid and border security. Congress has a moral responsibility to resolve these issues. This bill does not. This bill also includes a provision that will prevent ICE from doing their job and put many Americans at risk. Sadly, this bill represents just more partisan pandering from Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leaders.”

Specifically, the House Democrat Border Supplemental: 
Restricts DHS authority to detail employees to help address the surge along the border.
Does not include funding for ICE pay shortfall or overtime.
No funds to investigate human traffickers smuggling unrelated children.
Imposes strict conditions on HHS and reduces the Administration’s flexibility to respond to the humanitarian and security crisis on the border.
Does not include funding for DOD for operating expenses in support Active Duty and National Guard personnel providing aviation support, medical assistance, and mobile surveillance on the border.
Does not provide additional funds for DOJ to support immigration judge teams, courtrooms, and equipment.
Limits the Administration’s reprogramming of foreign assistance for Central American countries even if the countries are not working to stop migration to the United States.