WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-08) today released the following statement after voting no on a measure that would overturn President Trump’s emergency declaration.

"Our immigration system is broken. It can neither keep up with the high demand for legal immigration nor stem the flow of illegal immigration. The legislation the House voted on today does nothing to address illegal immigration and instead reflects previous attempts to frustrate solutions that have prolonged this crisis.

“Today’s vote is about whether the President is acting within the scope of the National Emergencies Act. This declaration fits within the statute of the NEA, and accordingly, I oppose this misguided resolution. I do, however, have broader concerns about the scope of emergency powers that the Congress has given to all presidents, and I would like to see the Congress reclaim more of its Article I Constitutional authority.

"While border security is important, a wall alone will not stop illegal immigration. Asylum reform and ending sanctuary programs are essential to solving this problem. Without addressing the magnet that draws people here illegally, I believe any attempt to reform immigration and stop this crisis will fail.”


President Trump said he would veto any measure from Congress that would challenge his wall order and there are not enough votes in Congress to override a veto. Sixteen states recently filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Presidents national emergency declaration. California led this lawsuit and was joined by 15 other states – all of which have Democratic attorneys general and all but one of which are led by Democratic governors.