WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today the House of Representatives voted on two appropriations packages that would fund the government through the 2020 fiscal year. Dealmakers packed $1.4 trillion of federal funding into the two bills that will also effectively borrow $1.1 trillion. While total federal spending is projected to be $4.7 trillion, Congress only votes annually on the discretionary number; the balance is considered mandatory spending.

The two mini-bus spending bills top 2,000 pages total. The House Appropriations Committee released the bill text late last night.

The House passed the spending bills, helping to avoid a government shutdown days before the December 20th deadline.

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) said after the vote:

I’m dismayed that my so many of my colleagues voted to continue Congress’s horribly irresponsible spending practices. When it comes to spending Americans’ money, lawmakers in Washington always seem to cram through something that involves spending even more while abandoning House rules that provide for time to read, debate, and offer amendments to proposed legislation. While lawmakers rightly tout new funding for one project or the other, most will gloss over the underlying expectation that future generations will pay for current excess consumption. I will continue to oppose the broken status-quo on federal spending.