Washington, DC - Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activist and American constitutional lawyer died on September 5, 2016. Rep. Warren Davidson, (R-OH) offered the following comments on the floor of the House of Representatives in rememberance of her contributions to America:

"It’s an honor to be able to talk about Phyllis Schlafly. Although I never personally met her, like many of the heroes of our country, all Americans benefit from the service that she rendered to our country. In particular, her service to the Republican Party. She is the person, perhaps more than anyone, who made sure that the Republican Party is the party of life. 

She worked to ensure the Republican Party really is out there on the side of science, showing when life begins and showing what happens at every stage of life. I’m more optimistic than ever about what’s happening to show this fact. She was a voice there that just knew the truth and was unashamed in speaking for it. She tirelessly worked unashamedly in helping our party coalesce around this core set of beliefs. These core beliefs are the same ones our founders had. 

When people look back and think the founders were this era of giants, it’s a privilege to live in an era where we have some of our own. Phyllis Schlafly was certainly one of them. 

Phyllis also set the stage for Ronald Reagan’s timeless 'A Time for Choosing’ Speech with her activities in the 1964 Goldwater campaign. Because of ‘A Time for Choosing’ and Reagan’s success as governor, our party was shaped to become the conservative movement in the modern era. This domino of events started by Phyllis set the stage for Justice Scalia. This year has been particularly sad with both hers and Justice Scalia's passing. 

Phyllis was a visionary who brought us to look forward to the future and bring about an era where we can see what true womanhood is all about. She was a champion for women in a way that she may never get credit for. I’m honored for her service to our country. For her defense of her faith, my faith. And for her contributions that made this the kind of country that really inspires so many around the world to see it as the land of opportunity."


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