WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-08), member of the Financial Services Committee, spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News this morning about the economic growth he's seeing in Ohio.

Davidson credited President Trump and Republicans in Congress for pro-growth policies, including reducing regulatory burdens and cutting taxes. These policies have spurred business investment and created opportunities for more Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money. When asked if economic growth will continue, Davidson said finishing and locking-in our trade deals would provide the further certainty our economy needs to grow even more.

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MARIA BARTIROMO: What are you expecting when the president visits Ohio tomorrow? Can you give us a sense of what you’re seeing from your standpoint in Ohio about the economy? 
CONGRESSMAN DAVIDSON: The economy is phenomenal. Everyone I talk to is hiring. Employers everywhere, ever sector. They’ll say, I could grow even faster if I could just get the right workforce. One of the great things about the Lordstown plant itself is that they have a tremendous workforce. The president has been a strong advocate for seeing companies continue to invest and I think you’ll continue to see the president do that.
MARIA BARTIROMO: We’ve got the numbers and we are seeing that things are improving. So, what are you worried about as you look out across the world? Europe, obviously, a bit of a mess with Brexit. Italy has budget issues. France, has issues around tax proposals. Do you think the U.S. gets hit by any of that or do you expect that we’ll continue to see the economic growth that you’re referring to?
CONGRESSMAN DAVIDSON: Look at the things that we’ve been doing which have been distinct, for example, we changed our regulatory environment and cut taxes, which sent strong pro-growth signals. What I hear about that causes some uncertainty is finalizing our trade deals. Virtually everyone I speak with says the USMCA is better than NAFTA. The USMCA is going to be great for our economy. We would like to get that locked-in and certain. We’re optimistic about the results with China, but it’s not done yet, so having certainty around that would be tremendous.
MARIA BARTIROMO: How big of a blow would it be if you can’t get the USMCA over the finish line? A number of Democrats have come on this program and said that they will not vote for it in its current form; even though you’re right, when it was first done a lot of people said this is better than NAFTA.
CONGRESSMAN DAVIDSON: This isn’t a partisan issue. When you look at any deal it's always possible to make changes to it. Maybe we can make it better. I’m not closed to the idea of taking something that’s already better and continuing to improve upon it. We don’t want to see this fall apart, and I think that’s the risk when you tinker with it when its already cooked.