Washington, DC – January 20, 2023 - U.S. Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) today introduced the Lead by Example Act, a measure that would require all members of Congress and their staff to receive healthcare from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

After introducing the bill, Congressman Davidson made the following statement:

“Providing our veterans with the highest quality care is a bipartisan issue on which nearly all Members of Congress agree. The VA is charged with fulfilling our nation's obligation to provide veterans with the health benefits they have earned. To fulfill that obligation, the VA will require consistent and intentional Congressional oversight." 

"Since I have been in Congress, I have supported The VA Mission Act, VA Accountability Act, and the PACT Act. These bills increased access to care, expanded benefits, and improved the quality of care. However, more must be done to improve the VA. 

When I talk with veterans, they always stress the urgency surrounding veterans' healthcare issues, particularly for mental health services. My bill will ensure members of Congress have a stake in improving the VA healthcare system.”