Davidson Announces 12 Appointments to U.S. Service Academies

June 7, 2017
Press Release
Media Contact: Alexei Woltornist (202)225-6205
TROY, OH - Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Troy) announced the appointment of 12 students to the U.S. Service Academies. The students from the 8th District earned their appointments after their nomination by Congressman Davidson and the subsequent appointment by the respective academies.

The appointments come as the final step of the rigorous application process including gaining a congressional nomination. Some of the students who earned appointments will begin attending their Service Academy in the coming months. Others will spend a year at a prep school before attending.

“These students already demonstrated exceptional the intellect, athletic ability, and moral character,” said Davidson. “We are blessed when these students selflessly dedicate themselves to serving and protecting the United States of America by preparing to lead in our military by being educated at one of our Service Academies.” 

Upon acceptance of the appointments, students commit to serving at least five years in their respective military branch upon graduation. 

Applications for congressional nominations for the class of 2022 are available now. Interested constituents can contact Rep. Davidson’s West Chester office for more information.

The appointments are as follows:

U.S. Air Force Academy
Seth A. D'Allessandris - 
Clark-Shawnee High School and U.S. Air Force Preparatory School
Jonathon R. Gill -
Archbishop Moeller High School and Marion Military Institute
John M. Hayes - Lakota East High School
Anna M. Holder - Cincinnati Christian High School
Nicholas T. Noyen - Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
Jacoby A. Ward - U.S.
Archbishop Moeller High School and Air Force Preparatory School
Abbigayle R. Weaver - Edgewood High School

U.S. Military Academy
Taylor H. Staton - 
Franklin Monroe High School and Miami University

U.S. Naval Academy
Olivia M. DiCarlo - Mount Notre Dame Academy
Andrew B. Walsh - Fr. Stephen T. Badin High School
Milan T. Bess* - Newton High School

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Danielle N. Mannier
 - Miami East High School
*Naval Academy Preparatory School

Pictures of each student for publication can be found here