Congressional Art Competition

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Congressional Arts Caucus coordinates an annual art competition for high school students.  This competition provides a unique opportunity to recognize the rich artistic talents of high school students throughout the nation.  I am inviting students who reside in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, to participate in “An Artistic Discovery’” – the 2020 competition and national exhibit. 

My event features three categories (students may submit one piece per category): Photography, All Other Permissible Media, and Scenes from Ohio’s 8th.  Entry forms will be released in early 2020.

This is a prestigious competition.  The winning artwork will represent the 8th District in Washington, D.C., by being displayed in the U.S. Capitol as part of a year-long exhibit.  The winning artist may receive free round-trip airfares for the national winners’ reception in Washington, D.C., and be eligible for a scholarship from a prestigious arts and design college.  Other winners’ pieces will be showcased at my Washington, DC, and district offices for the next year.


2020 Congressional Art Competition Winners

The 2020 OH-08 Congressional Art Competition was affected by the COVID-19 response. Our anticipated host, the Middletown Arts Center, had to close during the time of our display, but was able to help facilitate a virtual display. Likewise, our judges had to view and grade the entries virtually. Here are the winners!


Photography and All Other Permissible Media


Grand Prize – 1st All Other: Abigail McDonell, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Happiness”


1st Place – Photography: Tanner Gagliardo, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Mama Bear Stare”


2nd Place – All Other: Alexandra Fernholz, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “The Art of Distraction”


2nd Place – Photography: Austin Huff, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Other Side”


3rd Place – All Other: Ella Chaffee, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Drowning in Plastic”


3rd Place – Photography: Tyler Kovac, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Fabula Rosa”



Scenes from Ohio’s 8th District


Entries for this category must be of images within our Congressional District. The 2020 theme was “Historic Structure or Sites”.


Winner – OH-08: Emrie Adelhardt, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Court House”


Winner – OH-08: Ella Chaffee, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Ruins”


Winner – OH-08: Rose Labib, Lakota West, 10th Grade, “A Church”


Winner – OH-08: Braden Meyer, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Billy Yank Statue”


Winner – OH-08: Emma Schroeder, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Muhlhauser Barn”


Winner – OH-08: Cole Stafford, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “The Federalist”



Honorable Mention Awards


Honorable Mention: Anna Biddle, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Through a Glass Darkly”


Honorable Mention: Alana Blankenship, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Everyday Elegance”


Honorable Mention: Ryan Groves, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Fuzzy Thoughts”


Honorable Mention: Will Mormile, Lakota West, 10th Grade, “Dusk in L.A.”


Honorable Mention: Sami Pille, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Split Personality”


Honorable Mention: Grace Silvers, Lakota West, 10th Grade, “Glass City”


Honorable Mention: Cole Stafford, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Hands of Fate”


Honorable Mention: Jessica Tachie, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Asymmetrical Mirror”


Honorable Mention: Anna French, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Break the Surface”


Honorable Mention: Andrew Laker, Lakota East, 12th Grade, “Heavy Emotions”


Honorable Mention: Dalal Alami, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Lost”


Honorable Mention: Abigail Lindley, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “Into the Light”


Honorable Mention: Afia Owusu-Korkor, Lakota West, 12th Grade, “The American Dream?”


Honorable Mention: Marialinda Roblero, Lakota West, 11th Grade, “Searching a New Life”



Details of the 2021 Art Competition will be available in January. Our host for this event will be the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center, Troy, Ohio.


For more information, contact Sharon Hughes: 513-779-5400,