Rep. Davidson on Passage of WINGMAN Act

November 29, 2016
Press Release

Media Contact: Alexei Woltornist (202)225-6205


Washington, DC - Today, the House of Representatives passed the WINGMAN Act (H.R. 5166). The bill will allow Congressional employees to access the Department of Veterans Affairs claims records system in an effort to help provide benefits. Each Congressional office employs several individuals as caseworkers to assist and advocate on behalf of constituents in dealing with federal agencies.

Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) released the following statement after the passage of the bill:

“Congressional caseworkers help constituents receive earned benefits and timely answers from federal agencies. The WINGMAN Act will give these caseworkers a needed tool to help veterans. I am proud the House of Representatives took action today to make this a reality. The WINGMAN Act will hold government agencies accountable to the public. We need to do everything possible to ensure our veterans get the high-quality care they deserve and have earned. This bill is one more step in the right direction.”