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Congressman Warren Davidson

Representing the 8th Congressional District of Ohio


May 16, 2017 Op-Ed
The United States enjoys the world’s best markets for goods, services, capital, intellectual property and more. This is no accident. America’s history of people with diverse backgrounds coming together to embrace common values of economic liberty and limited government enshrined in our Constitution created the unique conditions that allowed us to fulfil our promise of leaving our next generation off better than we were. Growing our economy is central to this sacred promise and essential to the American Dream. It is our best hope for navigating the debt crisis that generations of status quo politicians have amassed. We cannot spend our way out of debt, but we can grow, save and invest.
May 11, 2017 Op-Ed
Anyone who has served in the U.S. armed forces is familiar with completing an Operations Order (OPORD). Spelling out the situation, mission, execution, sustainment, and command and control enables our Army to “fight and win our Nation’s wars.” For our troops in harm’s way in Syria right now, the mission has not been spelled out and Congress, by ignoring its responsibilities to authorize and exercise oversight over the use of military force, is responsible. History has shown us that when Congress neglects its duty, our troops are at an avoidable strategic disadvantage.
November 16, 2016 Op-Ed
What is your American Dream? For millions of Americans, starting a business or farm is an integral part of their Dream and their own identity. Someone starts with an idea and after years of hard work and ingenuity, they turn their idea into reality. Their small businesses create jobs for millions of people across America in the process. Unfortunately, the American Dream is being dismantled by business-strangling taxes and regulations. The latest U.S. Census Bureau data reports that while 400,000 new businesses are created annually, 470,000 fail. It should be no surprise then that over half of our next generation tell pollsters they think the American Dream is dead.
September 29, 2016 Op-Ed
We all knew President Barack Obama’s lame-duck presidency would be bad, but for the millions of Americans who work at family farms and businesses, it’s about to get a lot worse. As Heritage Foundation tax expert Curtis Dubay wrote at The Daily Signal, Obama is trying to sneak in a tax hike in his twilight days. His Treasury Department unveiled midnight regulations that effectively would increase the death tax to 30 or 40 percent.
September 13, 2016 Op-Ed
No veterans should go without quality health care after the sacrifices they have made for our country. . . . The way our veterans have been treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a crime. . . . We are morally bankrupt as a nation if we cannot care for our veterans. We all have heard elected officials make these statements. At this point, they have become platitudes. If a poll were conducted, 100 percent of Congress would agree with them. But despite the rhetorical consensus on providing care for our veterans, VA care has not improved adequately. Over the years, seven different programs have been created that allow veterans to seek care outside of VA hospitals, but veterans are still dying as they wait for care, getting shuffled around and lost in the bureaucracy.