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Congressman Warren Davidson

Representing the 8th Congressional District of Ohio

National Security

As a former Army Ranger, I understand the importance of having a mission. Our military has one mission - to win wars. Right now, our military seems more concerned with social engineering than winning wars. 

It is wrong for us to continue sending our brave men and women into harm’s way anywhere in the world without a clear mission. This is especially true in Afghanistan and in operations against ISIS. The U.S. military is still using an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from 2001 that was a response to the September 11th attacks by  Al-Qaeda. ISIS is a different organization with a different focus and different capabilities, and the mission must be adjusted accordingly. Congress has been skirting our duties of declaring war and we must take responsibility again by passing a new AUMF.

We must also fully fund our military but in a fiscally responsible way. I will continue to support legislation to rein in government spending while ensuring dollars given to the Department of Defense go to strengthening our national security, our troops, and their families. Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line. They should not be afraid to use jets or helicopters because we do not pay for their maintenance. Our troops should be equipped with the equipment they need to accomplish their mission and keep them safe.


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February 28, 2017 Press Release
On overall speech: “I agree with the president’s primary message that America’s best days are ahead of us. The first thing lawmakers must accomplish is to follow through on our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Congress passed a repeal in the past, and we should do so again. We must be bold, and not succumb to half measures that keep key pillars of Obamacare or create new programs in their wake.
January 27, 2017 Press Release
“We know that terrorists want to hurt us, and they know our refugee system is a weak point,” said Davidson regarding the announcement. “The Administration’s pause on allowing refugees from terrorist strongholds is a commonsense solution in the effort to protect American citizens. The United States will still be a place that welcomes refugees, but we will now review our screening procedures to ensure members of ISIS and its affiliates do not infiltrate our country.”
October 28, 2016 Press Release
Today, Director of the FBI James Comey alerted Congress of new evidence pertinent to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's improper handling of classified information as Secretary of State. In response, the FBI is reopening its investigation into the matter. Rep. Davidson (R-Troy) released the following statement in response to this news: "Equality before the law is one of the basic principles of our republic. The recent behavior of the FBI made many people question if we are still guided by this principle. After confidential material was compromised by Generals Cartwright and Petraeus, both of them faced prosecution. After Hillary Clinton did the same thing during her tenure as Secretary of State, she faced no prosecution. Especially in light of new evidence, I strongly urge the FBI to investigate this matter with urgency and in a manner that removes any doubt from the American public that this was a fair investigation."
October 21, 2016 Press Release
In an effort to prevent future insecure arrangements in handling classified information for government officials, the U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee issued subpoenas to three companies who were responsible for maintaining Hillary Clinton’s email servers during her tenure as Secretary of State. At the order of Hillary Clinton, Platte River Networks refused to comply with this investigation. In response, the committee announced plans to hold the company in contempt of Congress. U.S. Representative Warren Davidson (R-Troy), member of the committee, released the following statement on this development
September 19, 2016 Press Release
September 16, 2016 - U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) joined 37 of his colleagues in sending a letter to House Leadership and the Appropriations Committee urging them to include a provision which places a moratorium on unvetted refugees in the Continuing Resolution.
September 15, 2016 Video